The Salvation Army in Saskatoon
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Executive Director | Major Mike Hoeft

Assistant Executive Director.
| Major Lee-Anne Hoeft

Director of Business Administration | Bobbie Holoboff

Corrections Director | Albert Brown

Family Services Director | Laurie Sauder

Food Services Director | Ryan Olson

Pastors of Saskatoon Temple Church | Lt. Dusty and Laurie Sauder

Residential Director | Drew

Volunteer Coordinator | Craig Botham

Chaplain | Major Don Law

Mumford House/ Bethany Home Director | Major Lee-Anne Hoeft

Communications/Public Relations | Heather Hedstrom

Emergency Disaster Coordinator | Major Mike Hoeft

Information Technology | Nathan Regamey

339 Avenue C South. Saskatoon, SK. S7M 1N5 | 306.242.6833