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Correctional Services

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Correctional Services | New Frontiers Halfway House

Our concept agrees with The Salvation Army founder William Booth who believed in "Soup, Soap, then Salvation." The total person must be reached, at the moral, physical, psychological, social and spiritual level. Therefore all the programming we offer is aimed at the total person. The ends for which we strive are for the clients to develop an individual program aimed at their own reintegration into the community. We believe that only when the effort comes from the individual, rather than us, will his reintegration efforts be effective over the long term.

Our halfway house is a community based residential facility for offenders who, having been sentenced to a term of incarceration, are serving a portion of their sentence under supervision in the community.

We provide twenty-four hour supervision, general counselling and assistance to offenders. who live in our halfway house while they work, find a job, go to school or attend treatment and/or other programming.

Admission Criteria:

New Frontiers LoungeThe New Frontiers Halfway House accepts adult males who meet our criteria. Applicants must be prepared to live within the rules and regulations of our Centre. The length of stay is determined by Parole Board Canada (PBC)

Counselling for many issues is available to all clients on a one-to-one basis.

Our role in working with offenders is to help them reintegrate into society in as easy a manner as possible.

Programming Currently Available:

The following Programming is available upon request.

  • 12-Step Recovery (A Spiritual Journey)
  • Life Management – Overall Recovery Material
  • The Con Game – Freedom from Playing the Game
  • Values for Responsible Living – Developing New Values
  • Thinking Errors – The Dynamics of Change
  • Breaking Free – Thinking Outside The Box
  • Change Plan – Stages of Change
  • Budgeting
  • NA Meetings
  • Community Reintegration
  • Gambling Addiction Counselling


New Frontiers Services

  • Personnel on site 24 hours a day
  • Assistance in a community setting with various programs to assist in integration
  • Medication monitoring
  • Access to Recovery programs (AA; NA)
  • Referrals - physician, optometrist, dental etc.
  • General counseling
  • Pastoral Care
  • Chapel (attendance not mandatory)
  • Assistance with financial management

Click Here for the PDF Brochure

Incarcerated offenders apply through their Institutional Parole Officer, identifying Saskatoon as their release destination.


339 Avenue C South. Saskatoon, SK. S7M 1N5 | 306.242.6833