The Salvation Army in Saskatoon
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Emergency and Disaster Services

Emergency Disaster Services of the Salvation ArmyWe can never be adequately prepared for emergencies or disasters. Fires, floods, and other forms of emergency and disaster have and do become a reality for so many people. When things happen, such as major fires and disasters, The Salvation Army is there on the front line, ready to offer hurting people the help and hope they need to get back on their feet.

A team of volunteers is on call for any emergencies that may develop in Saskatoon and area. The Emergency Response Vehicle is a mobile canteen that responds to requests from fire departments, government agencies, police departments, and other emergency disaster organizations. Its purpose is to respond to the immediate needs of victims and workers at the location of an emergency. Food and drink are dispensed with other comforts such as clean, warm clothing and arranged lodging.

The Salvation Army assists the victims of disaster, too. It's there to supplement emergency assistance by other agencies with financial grants, food and clothing. When disaster strikes and The Salvation Army’s services are needed, it responds quickly, mobilizing its officers, volunteers and employees to immediately and effectively provide emergency services to victims and emergency responders.

The Salvation Army's support extends beyond material goods. If you’ve gone through a traumatic experience, one of the most valuable supports is to find someone to confide in. The Salvation Army will arrange for spiritual counseling or someone to just listen. No matter what the situation, The Salvation Army is committed to helping people overcome the obstacles they face, whether through provision of food, comfort, prayers or other practical assistance.

If you have any questions about Emergency Services it's coordinator is Captain Laurie Reilly who can be reached at The Salvation Army Saskatoon Temple Church 306-477-2363 or via e-mail at laurie_reilly(at)

For more information and up-to-date news on Emergency Disaster Services. In case of an emergency in Saskatoon, the Salvation Army will also be updating regularily via Twitter at

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