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Family Tracing Service

The Mission of The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service is:

  • To bring about reunion between family members
  • To offer spiritual support to those persons involved

The Purpose of the Family Tracing Service

The Family Tracing Service aims to locate an inquirer's relative in order that the inquirer and the person sought may make contact for the purpose of reestablishing a close and continuing bond. Often the newly formed ties are extended to include the re-unification of the person sought with other members of the family besides the inquirer. In conformity with its Mission, the Family Tracing Service provides spiritual help to the inquirer, the person being sought when he/she is located, and other family members who are involved in the inquiry.

Operating Guidelines

The Family Tracing Service:

1. Reserves the right to accept or reject an inquiry or discontinue a search on the basis of motive, appropriateness and available information.

2. Will not reveal any information concerning the whereabouts of a person being sought without obtaining his/her permission.

3. Is unable to accept inquiries related to:

  • legal matters including custody disputes and estate settlements
  • adoption cases*
  • genealogical searches
  • persons out of touch for less than six months*
  • former spouses
  • persons not related to the inquirer* (Searches are limited to family members)

*except under extraordinary circumstances

There is no charge for this service, but donations are accepted.

If you have any questions about Family Tracing Services at the Salvation Army Community Centre, it's coordinator is Bobbie Holoboff who can be reached at 306.242.6833 or via e-mail at

339 Avenue C South. Saskatoon, SK. S7M 1N5 | 306.242.6833